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"Every thing has its word; the word itself has become a thing. Why can't the tree be called Pluplusch, and Pluplubasch when it has rained? And why does it have to be called something at all? Do we have to hang our mouths on it everywhere? Word, the word, the woe in this very place, the word, gentlemen, is a public affair of the first order. "

Hugo Ball on the 1st Dada Evening (July 14, 1916)


SKU: 978-3-943117-81-3
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  • Author: Hugo Ball
    From: "Gesammelte Gedichte" (1963)
    Illustrator: Louis Houtin
    Format: 14x20 cm,
    Booklet binding, 26 pages
    First edition: 2014
    ISBN: 978-3-943117-81-3

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