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Adapted from Thomas de Quincey's Confessions of an English Opium Eater, published in De l'Idéal artificiel, le Haschisch in the "Revue contemporaine" on 30 September 1858.

The text is a meditation on the will and the imagination, on the dark temptations that tear at the human soul and, above all, on the redemptive power of art. In it, the reader will see "a dark and solitary walker, immersed in the moving stream of multitudes."

Ein finsterer Wanderer / Un promeneur sombre

SKU: 978-3-943117-20-2
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  • Author:Charles Baudelaire From the French of Erik Ernst Schwabach
    Cover design: Olag Schmor
    Format: 14.8x21.0 cm
    188 pages, hardcover
    First edition: September 2022
    ISBN: 978-3-943117-20-2

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