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Klimts Modell. Die wahre Geschichte des wiederaufgefundenen Meisterwerks



Piacenza, December 2019. Ten years have passed since the death of Stefano Fugazza, the unforgettable director of the Modern Art Gallery Ricci Oddi, and preparations for the exhibition to honor him are in full swing. Gabriele Dadati, who was his closest collaborator in the last phase of the scholar's life, was asked to curate the exhibition. As soon as the construction was finished, a sensational event occurred: twenty-three years after his theft, Gustav Klimt's portrait of a woman reappeared in the city. This masterpiece became famous in the spring of 1996 when it was discovered by chance that the Viennese master had painted the same canvas twice and when it was stolen from the museum a few months later. The news went around the world; from the New York Times to the BBC, from Le Figaro to Spiegel: everyone reported on it. This appears to be a posthumous rehabilitation for the gallery manager. But who stole the picture? Who put it in a trash bag and hid it in a damp alcove? And what's more: Who is the woman Klimt painted differently? Someone knows the answer to all of these questions. The author will have a long talk with him the day after the opening. His portrayal reveals a moving story that began in Vienna in 1910 and ran through the entire twentieth century in order to arrive at the present. A story between truth and lies.

Klimts Modell. Die wahre Geschichte des wiederaufgefundenen Meisterwerks

SKU: 9783-9-43117-13-4
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  • Author: Gabriele Dadati

    From the Italian of Anna Klinkner

    Cover design: Klaus Hennies

    Format: 14.8x21.0 cm

    240 pages, soft cover

    First edition: March 2022

    ISBN: 978-3-943117-13-4

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