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With just seven minnesongs, all of which were written on topics of love, Florencia Pinar succeeded in taking on the rank of one of the most important voices of medieval poetry in the Spanish language. In her poems, love is neither morally exaggerated, nor is the beloved obsequiously sung about. Love is the source of sickness and death.

Lieder / Canciones

SKU: 978-3-943117-09-7
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  • Author: Florencia Pinar

    From the Spanish of

    Anna Klinkner and

    Elena Moreno Sobrino

    Cover and design:

    Muriel Brown

    Bilingual edition:

    German Spanish

    Format: 14x22cm

    48 pages, hardcover

    New edition:

    November 2020

    ISBN: 978-3-943117-09-7

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