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The present story, "Our Lady of the Seven Daggers", was published in 1927 and was inspired by a trip to Granada. The Spanish hero, Guzmán del Pulgar, is neither a Don Quixote nor a charming Sevillian Don Juan Mozartian style, but an offspring of ruthless Conquistadores. His downfall is the writer's ironic response to the unfiltered self-perception of a proud, heroic "grandee" and his exposure as a brutal racist and bigot and a striking example of Vernon Lee's extremely lively way of portraying sensory impressions and her sharp-tongued, satirical tone.

Unsere Liebe Frau der Sieben Dolche / The Virgin of the Seven Daggers

SKU: 978-3-943117-92-9
VAT Included |
  • Author: Vernon Lee
    From: "For Maurice: Five Unlikely Stories", (1927)
    Bilingual edition: German / English
    German translation: Anna Klinkner
    Cover: Louis Houtin
    Format: 14X20 cm,
    Booklet binding, 120 pages
    First edition: January 2017
    ISBN: 978-3-943117-92-9
    In first German translation

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