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In 1913, the "Irish Question" was being hotly debated in Europe as stability in the "backyard" of the British Empire was seen as of paramount strategic importance in the face of the great world conflict looming. The Berliner Tageblatt , the leading liberal newspaper in the German capital, is sending its renowned reporter Richard Arnold Bermann to Ireland to bring its readership closer to the culture and politics of this unknown Atlantic island.

"The book is as subjective as a briskly and wittily written travel book can ever be, but you learn a lot from it about Ireland, almost even more about England." H. HESSE

So prosaisch, so poetisch: ein Reisetagebuch

SKU: 978-3-943117-17-2
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  • Author: Richard Arnold Berman

    Cover design: Louis Houtin

    Format: 14.8x21.0 cm

    228 pages, hardcover

    First edition: April 2022

    ISBN: 978-3-943117-17-2

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