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Lady Jane Grey was the eldest surviving child of Henry Grey, 1st Duke of Suffolk and Frances Brandon, daughter of Mary Tudor. She went down in history as the Nine Days Queen, for as the official heir to King Edward VI, she claimed the throne of England from 10 to 19 July 1553. However, she was defeated by Mary I Tudor, who had been designated as heir in her will by her father King Henry VIII, and was beheaded. "Historical News of Lady Jane Grey" is the final episode of the reflections on suicide. Poetically staged and based on a true incident, Staël's theories are illustrated by the tragic fate of Jane Grey, the heroine who fell victim to the social order, and thus presented to the reader as a historical possibility.


Hist. Nachricht ü. Lady J. G. / Notice sur Lady J. G. / A short Account of L J G

SKU: 978-3-943117-10-3
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  • Author: Anne-Louise-Germaine Baroness von Staël-Holstein

    From the French by Fr. Gleich

    English version: Ed. JG Barnard

    Cover and design: Armelle Baumgartner

    Trilingual edition:

    German / French / English

    Format: 14x22cm

    95 pages, hardcover

    New edition:

    December 2020

    ISBN: 978-3-943117-10-3

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